Painting Selection from 2010-2017


Binary Bouquet
Binary Bouquet, 12″ x 16, oil on panel
Pressure Makes Diamonds
Pressure Makes Diamonds, 12″ x 9″, oil on panel
Don't Cry, Have a Nice Day
Don’t Cry, Have a Nice Day, 7″ x 5″, oil on panel
Steed, 40″ x 49″, oil on canvas over panel
Green Space, 46″ x 34″, oil on canvas over panel
Avalanche (small)
Avalanche, oil on canvas over panel, 42″ x 38″
Master Blaster, 52″ x 40″, oil on canvas over panel
Buzz Sanchez
Buzz Sanchez, 7″x5″, oil on panel
Voodoo Shroom, 7″x5″ oil on panel
Bucky Scrotalberry, 7″x5″, oil panel
Love Removal Machine
Love Removal Machine, 47″x14″, oil on panel
Wannabe Satyr (FML)
Wannabe Satyr (FML), 18″x24″, oil on canvas over panel
Sausage Thief, 14″x11″, oil on panel
Compaction Companion, 12″x9″, oil on panel
Bird Brains
Bird Brains, 7″x5″ oil on panel
Son Of An Ahab
Son Of An Ahab, 7″x5″ oil on panel
Custer Fuct!
Custer Fuct!, 30″x24″ oil on canvas over panel
Scout, 12″x9″, oil on panel
Shaman (Shottois)
Shaman (Shottois), 34″x23″, oil on canvas over panel
War Changes A Man
War Changes A Man, 8″x10″ oil on vintage photograph
Mixed Signals, oil on vintage photograph, 9″ x 7″


Fish Body & Squid Girl
Fish Body & Squid Girl
The Departed
The Departed